Effective change management for the people in your business

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Red Earth Consultancy is all about the people in your business - their productivity, their wellbeing and their contribution to your bottom line - and how to enhance these critical factors when you are going though planned change, or facing unexpected challenge.

Because we understand people, and how they tick - whether they sit at the boardroom table, or work on the shop floor - we can help you to get the best from everyone in your organisation at times of change and challenge, by drawing on our skills training, consultancy, coaching and mediation expertise.

Why we do what we do
Change and challenge always create uncertainty for a business - and uncertainty always creates a ‘people cost' for your bottom line.  Are you:

  • Growing rapidly? Moving location? Merging? Restructuring?
  • Downsizing? Selling off part of your business? Planning for redundancies?
  • Succession planning for a new leader?
  • Integrating staff from a business you've acquired, into your own?
  • Experiencing a personality clash or conflict in the boardroom?
  • Needing to nip a costly tribunal claim in the bud?
  • Struggling to motivate your remaining staff following redundancies?

If so, you will need to manage the ‘people impact' of these challenges on your business - or count the cost - in terms of your management time, your productivity and your market reputation.

How we can help
We are experts in helping businesses to identify, and minimise, the 'people risk' and costs of organisational change and challenge - and to maximise the benefits.

We can either work in partnership with you to design and implement your people change program, or manage the whole process for you on an interim management basis. Or we can simply support you with practical expert help just when and where you need us most.

Red Earth are specialists in people change management, skills training, coaching and mentoring - and as accredited mediators we are experts in conflict mediation and resolution. We also have the profiling tools and business expertise to ensure that you always make the right recruitment and retention decisions, as part of your ongoing people strategy.

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