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Welcome to red earth consultancy

Red Earth has been providing workplace mediation, conflict management skills training, and behavioural and cultural change support to employer organisations since 2008.  Our clients range from some of UK’s largest corporations and governmental organisations to small local businesses and charities – from City financial services firms to manufacturing and construction groups – from law firms to schools and colleges – from providers of our emergency services to businesses in hospitality and retail – and to all those in between.

Wherever there are people, moments of disharmony or conflict can arise.  Because we understand people, and how they tick – whether they sit at the boardroom table, or work on the shop floor – we can help individuals in any organisation to find their way through times of conflict or challenge, to a place of resolution; and from there, return swiftly to a productive and enjoyable working life.

We can also help the employer organisation to see where any cultural or operational changes might need to be made, to enable their people to feel more secure and supported, and as a result more engaged with their work - and willing to go the extra mile.

And for any organisation preparing for a planned period of change - whether conflict is already in the mix, or otherwise - we are the people to call upon for help.  We can provide the advice and practical guidance a senior team needs to ensure that the risks of the crucial people element of their change strategy are foreseen, and carefully managed, to enable their change program to succeed.

how we cAN HELP

We are specialists in helping individuals within organisations to overcome  interpersonal challenges with colleagues, and business leaders as they guide their teams through times of challenge and change.  We offer:

  • Workplace mediation: Supporting people within organisations who are experiencing difficulty in their day-to-day relationships with a colleague, or colleagues - or teams, who are not collaborating and working as cohesively and productively as they have the potential to do - is our focus, and where our experience lies.  Our aim is always to seek to really get to know, and understand, the individuals with whom we are fortunate to be working, and to then move to help them to realise their hopes and ambitions for their job at hand, within the context of the organisation's aims and imperatives.

  • Skills training in mediation and conflict resolution: One of the greatest challenges for businesses today is ensuring that their line managers and HR teams are equipped with the skills and awareness to manage disharmony and conflict within their teams, as and when they arise. We can help by delivering bespoke coaching, training and ongoing supervision, designed to align with your organisational culture, so that the skills your leaders learn will be immediately effective when first put to the test.

  • Cultural change consulting: From time to time, undertaking an 'audit' of your organisation's culture and management style - with the help of an objective, but compassionate, business-minded third party - can be invaluable in ensuring that your approach to managing your people supports best practice, and will enable you to retain the talent you need through the highs and lows of business life. Equally, if you are actively preparing for a planned period of business change, assessing your 'people culture' in this way before you take the first step is essential, to ensure that your leaders and managers are equipped to manage the inevitable 'people challenges' that will arise.

With our experience and proven expertise in the behavioural dynamics of individuals and organisations - particularly at times of change and challenge - Red Earth Consultancy are the people to call upon for help.

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