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WHo we are

Red Earth Consultancy Ltd has been providing workplace mediation, conflict management skills training, and behavioural and cultural change support to employer organisations since 2008.

In that time we have been invited to support a wide variety of clients from all sectors, and of all sizesfrom some of UK’s largest corporations and governmental organisations to small local businesses and charities – from City financial services firms to manufacturing and construction groups – from law firms to schools and colleges – from providers of our emergency services to businesses in hospitality and retail – and to all those in between.

We believe that a key part of our success has been due to our thoughtful, respectfully person-centred, and business-minded approach to our work, throughout all of our communications both with our corporate employer clients, and with their employees with whom we have been fortunate to spend time. For more on Red Earth Consultancy's unique ethos and style, please just click here.

Vivienne Carnt - Founder/Director

Vivienne (SPCP Med (Accred), CIPD (AffM)) formed the business after 7 years’ training and practising as a coach, counsellor and workplace mediator.  Prior to this she had spent 20 years building a successful corporate career in the UK, US and Europe - during which time she came to see that conflict and stress are inevitable factors in the workplace, particularly when there are ambitious, talented people in the mix; but that the skills to address these issues head on, and resolve them positively, are often missing, in even the most successful organisations.​

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Vivienne's ​aim in setting up Red Earth was therefore to help business owners and leaders to avoid - or if already underway, swiftly resolve - the business-critical 'people problems’ that can arise within any organisation from time to time, that are always very costly for the organisation in terms of time and resources, and often deeply distressing for the individuals involved.

Vivienne now works with business leaders and HR heads to help them to develop the skills, and implement the strategies, that will enable them to support their people’s wellbeing and productivity as their organisation faces ongoing change and challenge.

As an experienced facilitator, trainer, mentor and coach, she is then able to guide individuals and teams within their workforce in learning how to enhance their communication skills, and their understanding of themselves and others - and thus how to 'avoid avoidable' workplace conflict, and instead develop more positive and fruitful relationships at work.

In parallel with this – as the appreciation of the benefits of mediation has grown – as a highly skilled accredited workplace mediator, and trainer in mediation skills, Vivienne is increasingly supporting organisations as they shift their cultural focus and HR practice away from the ‘old world’ of adversarial ‘grievance management’ and towards the new world of conflict resolution.  She assists as needed with the design, development, implementation and ongoing support of their new internal mediation/resolution service, and with the training of both their HR and senior staff, and of their ‘mediation ambassadors’ and key line managers, in the effective use of practical and proactive mediation skills.

As part of this, she provides 1:1 and group mediation supervision to those responsible for the delivery of their employer scheme - as she does to any person, accredited or otherwise, who is involved in offering formal or informal mediation within the workplace, and who feels they would benefit from some guidance, in confidence, from an expert third party.

Independent of her consultancy work on wider programs of organisational change, Vivienne is very active in providing mediation support – often described as transformational by those with whom she has worked – to organisations and individuals where conflicts have arisen, that need expert understanding and guidance, and commercial focus. These often include complex situations that have perhaps been unresolved for a significant period of time, and that therefore need particular sensitivity and care to seek to bring them to a close.­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­


Red Earth Consultancy is able to draw upon an established network of associates to provide additional expertise where needed, in support of specific client consultancy projects, mediation assignments and training programs.  Full details of the associate's skills and experience are always provided in advance of any work undertaken, to ensure the client's comfort, and the 'fit' of the associate to the work in hand.

If you would like to learn more about the services we offer, please do get in touch and we would be delighted to provide you with the information you require.

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