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Cultural change consultancy

Understanding how 'interpersonal people dynamics' within a specific workplace setting are affecting employees' motivation - their engagement with the organisation's mission and purpose - and from there, their contribution (or otherwise) to the bottom line - is at the core of what we do. 

When these dynamics are awry, we are the people to call in to help.

Often an employer organisation will invite us in to work with two, or perhaps three, individuals whose working relationship is experiencing some difficulty, and is as a result affecting revenue generation, business efficiency and/or profitability.  At other times, we are asked to help a team to turn the corner in terms of its cohesion, and wellbeing - and therefore its productivity.  Our approach in these instances will always be to offer the people concerned the kind of tailored support - in the form of mediation or facilitation, or coaching and training - that best meets the needs at hand.

Sometimes, however, the problem in fact lies more widely within the culture or ethos of the organisation as a whole.  Dysfunction and distress amongst the employee body can often be a useful indicator of wider, more systemic issues within the management, mission or general 'modus operandi' of the employer entity - issues of which the leaders may be unaware, or which in some cases they are actively choosing to avoid.  These issues of course must be addressed as a matter or urgency if the organisation is to prosper;  perhaps even to survive.

At times like these, with our objective, business-minded but deeply compassionate approachRed Earth Consultancy are the people to call upon for help.

SUPPORTING Cultural change

Whether prompted by a sign of some crisis within the employee body, or simply by a desire to perform a regular 'health check' of the business every few years or so, undertaking an audit of your organisation's culture and leadership style can be an invaluable investment for any leadership team to make.

Amongst other dividends, taking this step will enable you to:

  • determine whether your management approach towards your people is as effective as you perceive it to be

  • gain normally inaccessible insight and guidance from your members of staff on any hidden, key changes that you urgently need to set in motion

  • send an important message to your employees that you care about their experience of working with you, and wish to make your organisation as attractive a place to work as it can possibly be.

Once the audit is completed, we work with the employer organisation to identify any cultural or operational changes that need to be made that will enable their people to feel more secure and supported - more engaged with their work - and more willing to go the extra mile.  Any help in supporting these changes to be put into practice, we are always happy to provide.

Alternatively, for organisations that are actively planning for a period of business change, assessing your 'people culture' in this way before you take the first step is essential, to ensure that your leaders and managers are equipped to manage the inevitable 'people challenges' that will arise as the transition unfolds.  We can provide the advice and practical guidance a senior team needs to ensure that the risks of the crucial people element of their change strategy are foreseen, and carefully managed, to enable their change program to be a success.

Whatever our clients' circumstances, the outcome that Red Earth Consultancy Ltd is always seeking when supporting an organisation's program of cultural or other necessary change is for the employees to feel, themselves, fully part of the transition, and therefore motivated to support their management team in achieving their business goals.

Please do contact us if you would like us to help you with a business challenge that you are facing, or a transition that you are contemplating, or perhaps already have underway - we would be delighted to talk your situation through.

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